FreeFlow GREEN - the green antiscalant

Modern antiscalants are subject to the DIN EN 15039 standard for polycarboxylic acids and the DIN EN 15040 standard for phosphonic acids when it comes to their use in the treatment of drinking water by membrane systems.

In addition to the requirements for drinking water production, another requirement profile for the antiscalant can be its biodegradability.

FreeFlow GREEN was developed from a customer enquiry with precisely this requirement on the part of the approval authority.

FreeFLow GREEN is based on CMI. CMI is an anionic functional biopolymer. It is produced by synthesising a carboxymethyl group on an inulin backbone to produce an ingredient with mild sequestering, anti-scaling and dispersing properties. CMI is naturally and ultimately biodegradable, making it a sustainable alternative to many non-biobased functional ingredients.

Many automatic dishwashing detergents, laundry detergents and cleaning products contain CMI because it prevents film formation and staining on dishes, as well as the re-deposition of dirt on fabric or hard surfaces. CMI acts very efficiently as an antiscalant or dispersant in various water treatment processes such as membrane, cooling water and process water systems.

The inulin required is extracted from chicory root, which is sustainably grown and processed in Europe.

Traditionally, biodegradable antiscalants have been a major challenge for membrane systems due to biofouling issues. CMI solves this thanks to its low initial degradation rate, which means little or no accumulation of assimilable organic carbons - AOC. It also effectively inhibits the formation of carbonate and sulphate deposits. And as a naturally and ultimately biodegradable ingredient, it also meets all environmental criteria.

FreeFlow GREEN is the green, biodegradable antiscalant made from sustainable raw material, developed and manufactured at the company's site in Dürnau. After a one-year test phase in large-scale operations and in direct comparison with a phosphonic acid-based antiscalant, the effectiveness of FreeFlow GREEN was confirmed and its further use decided.

FreeFlow GREEN inhibits the formation of inorganic lime, promotes dispersion and binds hard water ions. FreeFlow GREEN is an effective threshold inhibitor and biofouling safe. FreeFlow GREEN reduces cleaning effort and downtime, lowers energy consumption and extends pre-filter life.

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